In line with my prediction:

(CBS) For the last few months, polls have suggested that Republicans would win back the House, and perhaps even the Senate. But new polls leave the GOP more worried about Election Day.

As CBS News Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes reports, Democrats - who did not expect to do well this midterm, anticipating even worse losses than majority parties usually suffer in midterms because of the economy - are beginning to see glimmers of hope that their losses might not be as bad as they feared.

Polls show Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, who'd been running neck-and-neck with GOP challenger Carly Fiorina over the summer, has reclaimed her lead.

The split in the GOP is not a joke...
In a private meeting secretly recorded last week, Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle expressed contempt for the national Republican party and urged a Tea Party candidate running against her to drop out of the race, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

The sensible parts of the GOP will have to join the party that still has an ideological middle. Obama is not Hitler. Obama is in that middle. And this middle is better than nothing. This middle is precisely why I'm a Marxist and not a Democrat. But I also much prefer stability to economic chaos. The GOP's base has a program that will surely lead the whole world into chaos. My Marxism doesn't wait for a crisis, but instead wants to catch capital when all is going well.