Take a look at the superstar panel of baking experts hanging out in Questionland this week:

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Chef Robin
  • Chef Robin
Chef Robin Leventhal: You no doubt recognize her from her stint on Bravo's Top Chef, but around these parts she's known for the tasty dishes she's served up at Crave (RIP) and See Sound Lounge.

Kate McDermott: For years Kate has been sharing her fantastic pie-making secrets in her Art of the Pie workshops, and now she's in Questionland to help you overcome your fears of making homemade pie crust.

Jessie Oleson, AKA CakeSpy
  • Jessie Oleson, AKA CakeSpy
Jessie Oleson: Jessie is also known as CakeSpy, the local artist, blogger, gallery/shop owner, dessert expert, and adventurous baker whose recipes are regularly featured on SeriousEats.com.

Rhienn Davis of Look Cupcakes: As their tagline will tell you, Look Cupcakes has been sparing innocent wedding goers from shortening frosting since 2007. Their cupcakes not only taste great, but they're beautiful, too!

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And conflict of interest be damned, I'm in there, too. I know a thing or two about baking. For example, I can tell you how to bake delicious things into other delicious things.

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