Via the Seattle Times:

John T. Williams, the woodcarver fatally shot by a Seattle police officer Aug. 30, was struck by four bullets on the right side of his body, indicating he was not facing the officer at the time the shots were fired, the attorney representing the Williams family said Tuesday.

"There's nothing looking like he was facing toward him," Seattle attorney Tim Ford said of Williams' position as the officer fired. "It was all right side."

Yesterday, the Seattle Police Department released a statement noting that the SPD Firearms Review Board—whose job it is to determine whether the officer was justified in firing his weapon—presented its preliminary findings to Chief John Diaz. SPD won't comment on the autopsy results and the review board's recommendation is closed. So what happens now? The King County Prosecutor's inquest hearing, which will seek to determine the criminal liability of the officer's actions. That inquest process will begin once SPD turns the case over to KC Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. I've got a call in to see what that time line looks like.