This comes from Slog Tipper Madeline: In response to the recent string of LGBT suicides, Lambda Award-winning author is giving the Kindle edition of his debut novel, Blue Boy, away for free until midnight tonight:

Blue Boy, published in 2009 by Kensington Books, won the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Debut Fiction this year. The novel tells the story of Kiran Sharma, a 12-year-old boy growing up in a traditional Indian household in Cincinnati in the early 1990s. Kiran, an only child who is gay, struggles with bullying and his family’s conservative pressures, but perseveres because of his indomitable spirit and confidence in his unique creativity, imagination, and artistic sense.

“I really wanted to kind of put together this untold story, a gay Indian-American boy, but at the same time I wanted it to be universal in its pains,” said Satyal, who reported a positive response on Amazon as of late Wednesday morning.

Here is video of the author giving his Lambda acceptance speech in the form of a Lady Gaga song.