Remember, everyone: The specter of cost overruns on multi-billion-dollar tunnel projects is a fabricated non-issue ginned up by liberal car hating hippies:

The nation's largest infrastructure project may be about to head off the rails as New Jersey Gov.Chris Christie prepares to pull the plug on a multibillion-dollar train tunnel beneath the Hudson River, a source close to the project told CNN Tuesday.

Christie ordered a 30-day halt to all work on the Access to the Region's Core on September 10, amid concerns that the $8.7 billion public transportation project might run over budget by as much as a several billion dollars. The Republican governor ordered a review of the project because his state would have to commit to covering any cost overruns.

But that couldn't happen to the deep-bore tunnel in Seattle:

Gregoire said of viaduct tunnel cost overruns: "It's a hypothetical, it has no bearing. There's no reason to expect cost overruns."

We shouldn't "expect" unbudgeted costs because they have "no bearing"; we should instead wait—without a plan—until that unexpected stuff does have bearing. Then we halt work. Genius.