Arrived in Mediterranean Spain and almost immediately learned that Africans (northern and sub-Saharan) had been caught crossing the sea, crossing a little dream...

In addition, the SIVE also sighted on Saturday, at 21.00 hours, two more pateras that were intercepted by coastguard vessels and the Civil Guard, who found aboard 17 immigrants, all men of Algerian origin and in good health, according to the regional Delegation of the Government in a statement.

The first of these boats was intercepted eight miles off Calblanque in Cartagena, with a total of 11 immigrants, while in the second, found eight miles from Cabo de Palos, was carrying six immigrants.

These immigrants have been transferred to the port of Cartagena to receive humanitarian aid from Red Cross and have subsequently been made available to the National Police for identification, transfer to the CIE and the beginning of deportation back to their country of origin.

Police sources say that this weekends wave of immigrants is due to the week of good weather we have been experiencing, ahead of expected rough seas for the next few weeks.

It is true, the weather is good here. But what was nothing more than a pleasant surprise for me (cool winds, dry heat, blue skies) appeared as a life-changing (life-making) opportunity for them. The universe is indifferent—what other wisdom does Spinoza have to offer us about God? To obtain what I have, citizenship in a rich country, these Africans challenged what Hegel called "the absolute master" (death). We are the paper chasers, we are the inhabitants. The Africans on the boats tried to come here because they desperately need jobs ("I remain a bitch to the dollar bill"); the other African had no problem entering this country (from the sky) to set up a little part of a large art show, Manifesta 8.
Charles Mudede... Vive y trabaja entre Seattle y Washington. Mudede es un crítico, cineasta y escritor con dos inquietudes fundamentales: la historia de la humanidad y la sociabilidad. En sus películas, Police Beat (parte de la colección permanente del MoMA) y Zoo (proyectada en Cannes en 2007), en sus libros Last Seen y Politics Without the State, y en sus artículos en el semanal de Seattle The Stranger, Mudede revisa una y otra vez la producción (modelación) histórica y social de la unidad humana.

The work, which was designed by Michael Leavitt, researched by Roxanne Emadi, and scored by DJ Shingi, looks like this:

The work (my first art project) is inspired by the most optimistic line in the history of American television: "Ain't we lucky we got them...."