In Case You Missed It: Mayor McGinn calls city council's pro-Conlin resolution meaningless, King County has been cited for failing to comply with federal grant requirements, and the fight for Edsonya Charles's seat on the Seattle Municipal Court continues.

An Obama/Clinton Ticket: Allegedly "on the table."

Life in Prison: The fate of the man who tried to bomb Times Square.

Smurf-Related Shakedown?: "A Florida businessman who once played a part in the Smurfs cartoon empire is having second thoughts after pleading guilty in New York to trying to shake down his financier son-in-law for $11 million."

Hurt Man's Curve: King County deputy injured in car crash near Sammamish, after veering off a stretch of road known as "a hotbed for accidents."

Meanwhile in Centralia: Disoriented Power Ranger arrested after entering the wrong motorhome.

Reichert's Brain Cleared for Takeoff: Congressman Dave Reichert is fully recovered from brain injury, says doctor.

Good: Stolen truck for special needs boy found.

Alleged: Food stamp scam at International District grocery.

NYC Can't Catch a Break: First bedbugs, now this.

Ugh: Hungary's toxic sludge flood.

And finally, happy birthday to not one but two Ramones: founding member Johnny Ramone, born on this day in 1948, and third-generation relation C-Jay Ramone, born on this day in 1965. One of C-Jay's contributions: Encouraging the band to cover Tom Waits' "I Don't Want to Grow Up." Here it is.

UPDATE: I'm an idiot. Both Johnny and C-Jay Ramone were born on October 8, not October 6. Clearly I need new glasses. In the meantime, let us commemorate the date-appropriate event of Bill O'Reilly's death. (The Australian cricketer, not the FOX News harpy, but it still felt good to type.)