This email came earlier this week:

I am writing you on behalf of Liberty High Schools Gay/Straight Alliance Club. We are located in Liberty, MO, a conservative suburb of Kansas City. You’re column appears in the Pitch here. The GSA has not been active for two years here due to lack of sponsorship and a "controversy" three years ago when the GSA made shirts that said “Gay? Fine By Me” which caused some tension in the community, eventually leading to the shirts being banned from school. This year I have sponsored the club for the first time and so far we are up to 31 students, which is huge for us! We have many great ideas and plan on recognizing National Coming Out Day, Day of Silence, LGBT History month and doing many activities to promote acceptance of everyone in our school....

The problem is we are on a very limited budget and fundraising for a club of this kind in this area is difficult. The bullying here is absurd and with the recent suicides of many teens, we need to do all we can to make sure these students feel welcome, valued, and know they have a safe place in school. We will not be getting money from our district due to our budget problems created by the economy and our former superintendent. If you could find it in your heart to donate a small amount, it would create a HUGE difference and allow us to continue our mission here. These 31 kids—and growing—deserve a great GSA club and I am trying all I can to allow them that opportunity here.

John Barreca
Special Ed. Teacher/Alliance Club Sponsor
Liberty High School

All I want for my birthday—besides more YouTube videos of Miss Vicki Carr—is to see Sloggers set up Liberty High School's GSA for the next four years. Let's show the LGBT kids at Liberty High School that it gets better—let's help them make it better—and let them know there are people out here who care about 'em. Donate.