My arm is tired from banging this drum. My shoulder is seizing up. My hand is an atrophied claw. I might never play the piano again.

The Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau has joined Chihuly Inc. and the Space Needle LLC in their well-organized campaign for a Chihuly museum at the Seattle Center. (Incidentally, Space Needle owner Jeff Wright and Space Needle CEO Ron Sevart sit on the board of directors of the SCVB.) An email sent out by SCVB president Tom Norwalk to the organization's undoubtedly sizable mailing list states, "As they say...timing is everything—and now is the time to show your support for the proposed Chihuly exhibition at Seattle Center. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create world-class enhancements at a beloved community gathering place... As the tourism industry, we cannot afford to miss this opportunity." (Full email after the jump.)

You see how they call it a "beloved community gathering space"? In reality, less than 25 percent of Seattle Center's 4.6 million annual visitors are from Seattle, according to an economic survey conducted by the Center in 2006. Seattle Center doesn't need another tourist attraction; it needs something free for the people who live here.

So if you're against the Chihuly museum, email Mayor Mike McGinn. Or give him a call at 684-4000. Call and email Seattle City Council Members. Tell them what you want to see at the Seattle Center.

Because the SCVB, Chihuly, and the Space Needle are all lobbying their constituents hard to contact the mayor city council members and stump for this project, or to simply add their names as "official supporters" to a letter that will be sent to City Hall. They're doing this because of the overwhelming public sentiment against a Chihuly museum at Seattle Center. "We fear that our project will not be approved without your action," writes Space Needle CEO Ron Sevart in a letter to supporters. No other project—not KEXP or people who love parks or a Northwest Native Cultural Center—can hope to compete with the long arms or deep pockets of these three organizations. Not alone.

Full SCVB email after the jump.