My sister is a Tory. She is African, she lives in London, she works hard, she pays her taxes, and she believes her taxes are supporting lazy white Brits. After I defended the welfare system in the UK, which I think does not go far enough, she yelled: "I'm tired of my money buying their flat TVs. And if they want more money from my taxes, they have more babies. Fucking hell, those lazy bastards." This morning, she sent me an email, titled "see i told you!", with a link to this story:

A MUM of 13 who splurged £1,700 of her benefits on a 60in plasma TV claimed last night that plans to cap payments to the workshy would leave her family "on the breadline".
Whining Anita Hull, 38, lives with unemployed partner Steve Dalton, 46, and nine of their 13 children in a large detached house - all paid for by the taxpayer.
Their benefits-funded income totals £38,324 a year but Anita last night branded Chancellor George Osborne's move to limit handouts to £26,000 a year as "completely out of order".
Kids throwing up gang signs, the Reality TV on the wall, the mother in the pink cozy slippers—on this side of the Atlantic, she would not be white, but the middle-class contempt for her and her family would be the same.