....the Elevator Repair Service's six-hour stage adaptation of The Great Gatsby in its entirety, which played Seattle's On the Boards in 2007, and is indeed stunningly awesome. From Brantley's gush-fest:

The most compelling love affair being conducted on a New York stage this season isn’t between a man and woman. (Or a man and a man, a woman and a woman or a boy and a horse.) It is between a man and a book...[W]hile this show, directed by John Collins, does full justice to the inherent and often startling drama in “The Great Gatsby,” what’s most purely dramatic about it isn’t in Fitzgerald’s plot. It’s in that elusive chemistry that takes place between a reader and a gorgeous set of sentences that demand you follow them wherever they choose to go. Think of it as a morning-fresh variation on an ancient theatrical formula: Boy meets book. Boy gets book. Boy becomes lost in book.

Read the whole thing (which contains the adjectives "astonishing" and "heroic") here.