Senior White House staffer Valerie Jarrett is the guest of honor at the Human Rights Campaign's annual gala.

What Andrew said:

AND STILL THEY SUCK UP: Valerie Jarrett will be the Human Rights Campaign's Guest Speaker at their super-fabulous gala dinner this weekend. She will doubtless explain why after two years with majorities in both Houses, 75 percent public support and a president who claims to be a "fierce advocate" for gay equality, gay servicemembers face an indefinite future of persecution by this commander-in-chief.

And what John said:

I wonder if HRC is going to ask Valerie Jarrett about her boss's ongoing, disgusting, defense of DOMA and DADT in court. Barack Obama is leading the charge against our entire judicial civil rights strategy. And HRC calls him our strong supporter? Barack Obama is the only human being I can think of who has ever gone backwards on a civil rights issue. He used to be for marriage equality. Now he's not. Who does that with a straight face? Seriously. Who does that? Who can you name who used to support a civil rights issue and now doesn't? He clearly made a crass political calculation about our most intimate relationships, our most intimate right, and he's our strong supporter? Seriously?

The theme of this year's HRC wankfest is "No Excuses." I shit you not. I think "No Shame" or "No Clue" or "No Progress" would've been more apt themes—and if I was in DC I would picketing that motherfucking dinner.