How Will You Celebrate Columbus Day: 24,000+ state workers will be celebrating with an unpaid furlough this Monday. Workers staying home include everyone from capitol tour guides to the staff of the Department of Transportation's main office.

"Yoga is Demonic," Says Local Evangelical Preacher: Another area evangelical claims Sanskrit made her a "hypocrite to Jesus."

The Story Behind One of Those Named Laws: No, not Godwin's Law. It's Maria's Law. Tl;dr—next time you move, make sure the shit in your truck bed is secured well.

Department of Big Mistakes: "Permanently disabled" fireman awarded $12.75 million in an injury settlement caught being not very disabled on camera. With the city already appealing, insurers ask for a new trial.

One More Reason Not To Watch TV: It's political ad season again! Fact-checking the newest No on 1098 commercial.

Censorship Sucks: Indonesian police track down the on-the-lam editor of defunct Indonesian Playboy. He was sentenced to two years in jail for "indecency" in August.

Pakistan Reopens the Khyber Pass: Closed in a week-long protest against the U.S. killing of two Pakistani soldiers, 28 waiting fuel tankers had been attacked by the Taliban. Bet that was an awkward couple of days for both sides.

Imprisoned Nobel Peace Laureate Might Get Visit from Wife: China went nuts yesterday when dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded a Nobel. Now his wife is rumored to be visiting him and passing along the news.

Canada Busts Human-Trafficking Ring: 10 family members are charged with keeping Hungarian refugees in virtual slavery. At least it didn't involve prostitution, I guess.