Microsoft Playing Catch-Up: The company hopes the release of Windows Phone 7 on Wednesday Monday will get them out of the mobile doldrums. It could always be worse, guys—it could always be Zune.

Don't Drink from the Red Cups: A dozen young revelers fall seriously ill at a party in Roslyn. Police are investigating for roofies.

On the Campaign Trail: An inside look at the Rossi campaign. There's an awkward moment when Rossi and some executives take cover from the rain under a structure built with stimulus dollars.

Ethnic Festivals are Fun: St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Capitol Hill is hosting a two-day bazaar. It's a kinder, gentler pre-revolutionary Russian culture on display at this festival. The food is personally endorsed by me.

Heavily Democratic 9th District Now in Play: Challenger Dick Muri is within striking distance of incumbent Congressman Adam Smith D-Tacoma. If Muri would just change his name to Karl Marx, this race would be much more compelling and fun.

Sounders FC Clinch Playoff Spot: Seattle's squad wins 2-1 in Kansas City. It was their third consecutive road win.

Serbia Goes Crazy for Gay Pride: In all the wrong ways. At least 50 people were injured at a Pride parade in Belgrade.

Big Day for Juche: Kim Jong Il and his newly-designated heir Kim Jong Un attended a military parade. In other news, everyone outside of Pyongyang endured another day of malnutrition.

Israel Looks for a New Way to Piss off Arabs: The Israeli cabinet approved a loyalty oath that will require new citizens to swear allegiance to a "Jewish and democratic state." It still has to be approved by parliament. In case you forgot, Arabs form 20% of Israel's population.

A Cryptozoologist's Wet Dream: For the first time since the early 1980s, Chinese researchers will launch an organized search for the Yeren. The Yeren is supposedly a Bigfoot-like cryptid holding it down in Hubei province.