• Aaaaaaaaaah!
Well, this is weird. Francoise Gilot, one of Picasso's longtime lovers (he was 40 years her senior) is still living, and in addition to the other tie-in shows that relate to the Picasso-at-SAM extravaganza this month, Gilot's works are hanging at Friesen Gallery. In editions of, like, 50, 60, and 100.

The one at right is a lithograph that costs $8,000 in an edition of 60 (it comes framed). How many you think will sell on name alone?

For the love of god, if you must take in all ancillary Picasso material, skip this tripe and visit the Picasso prints at Davidson Galleries and the Picasso prints and contemporary artists following in Picasso's footsteps at Greg Kucera Gallery—where at least the dealers support contemporary artists working in Seattle.