• Kristen Blush
Don't believe me? I will PROVE IT this Thursday at Slog Happy at Highline (210 Broadway E). Besides air hockey (which, as I said, I will totally beat you at) the bar also has foosball, shuffleboard, a photo booth, and some really fantastic vegan grub.

Here's what Dave Schmader said about the food after Highline first opened (bolds are mine):

The Highline menu is the product of a visionary vegan brain trust, made up of cooks with connections to some of Seattle's most revered vegan eateries. (One Squid & Ink/Highline proprietor/chef also helped establish the Wayward Cafe; bar manager Kempley got his start making ginger beer and infused boozes at Cafe Flora.) Highline's menu is packed with seitan, tempeh, and soy creations designed to replicate the greatest hits of pub grub. The Crazy Train sandwich ($8) features breaded soy chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, and ranch dressing on grilled bread; the TLT ($8) features tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo on grilled bread. Both are garishly delicious. Part of this is the quality of the vegetables (vegans care about things like good tomatoes and onions), but nothing can account for the hot, sloppy, comfort-foodiness other than vegan voodoo. The illusion-building of vegan food—placing this flavor next to that texture to create the desired meaty/creamy/cheesy effect—is a delicate art. (Excessive soy is as repugnant as undercooked pork.) But, as Kempley says, "We've all been doing it for a long time, and we've figured a lot of stuff out."

And! It'll be happy hour, which means there are $5 food specials and $1 off all bottles and cans of beer.

So come join us at 6 pm at Highline! Drink cheap beer, eat great food, and get your ass handed to you over the air hockey table. Unless, of course, you're chicken.