Halloween is right around the corner and Questionland is here to help you with everything from coming up with fantastic costume and pumpkin carving ideas to where to find the best parties. For example, Falcon asks: "What are the best Halloween costume ideas this year? I'm looking for something that can come off as attractive, masculine, humorous, and maybe slightly scandalous."

Here are just some of the suggestions:

"How about a strange over-sized blond mustache and an partially burned Koran?"

"You could go with something military for a don't-ask-don't-tell political joke, plus wearing some kind of uniform (or like part of a uniform) for the masculine and slightly scandalous look."

"If you want dress-up, go as George Rekers. If you're trying to bare some chest, go as Lucian. The biggest purchase either outfit would require is a piece of luggage. Works best as a couple, I suppose."

So need ideas? Need to know where to find pieces of your costume or what food or booze you should serve at your party? Ask all your questions on Questionland's Halloween page!