Imperiled Freakery: Budget cuts could kill Seattle's public-access TV channel.

The Hands-Free Future?: 'Google cars' drive themselves.

This Is No Cure for the Monday Blahs: Today is an unpaid furlough day for tens of thousands of Washington state employees.

Meanwhile in New York: A sickening gay bashing in the Bronx, an unapologetic gay-dissing in Brooklyn.

"We Had to Bury Nick with Black Marker All Over His Body, People's Names Written on His Behind": "The family of an Onalaska teen who died in a drinking game said they are angry that his friends wrote in permanent marker on his body while he lay dying," reports KIRO.

RIP Solomon Burke: Legendary soul singer dies in Amsterdam.

Meet Your New National Security Advisor: His name is Tom Donilon.

Glenn Beck: Blinded by Diet Coke?

And finally, please enjoy the revamped-by-Banksy opening credits of last night's The Simpsons.