In response to last Thursday's Slog post about how used book-buying has become a super-depressing task involving a scanner that is directly linked to, Slog tipper Sarah wants us to see this Craigslist posting about a scary used book dealer "gang" that is roving the Goodwills of Seattle and Everett.

As many of you probably know, there is a book dealer gang that shops daily at the Goodwill Outlet stores in Seattle and Everett. They have assaulted and threatened me, and I am aware of other people they have also assaulted and threatened. Their “shopping technique” is that they aggressively grab and hoard books (about 80 percent of everything), taking as much of the newly set out offerings as possible, filling up their personal bins as quickly as possible, in order to prevent other customers from buying something before the gang has had a chance to look it over. When hoarding the books, they shove and hit people with books they throw, but they have also committed more serious assaults, and have verbally threatened people. They show up en masse in order to monopolize the stores.

There is more information than you ever wanted to read about the book dealer gang—documentation and baseless accusations included—over at Craigslist. Many thanks to Sarah for dragging me down this rabbit hole.