Dear readers of Slog (and lunchtime drinkers):

Do you know about ELECTIONLAND, the galaxy's number-one autumnal destination for experts and regular folks to talk politics? It's the perfect place to give your election advice.


Well sallyhuxtabee asks the question, "Why Should I Care?" Maybe you feel sallyhuxtabee's pain and want to answer her here. Republicans may win the House. Democrats caved on the public option. Obama is the leading cheerleader in federal courts to stifle gay rights. And the ballot in this year's general election looks like a number-soup of initiatives, propositions, and referenda about an even more inscrutable number-soup on budgets, debts, and taxes.

Sallyhuxtabee continues, "I voted in 2008 and even in 2009 and I have friends who come to me for voting advice. There is a lot on the ballot and I want to give them passionate answers about the various races. So, what should I tell them?"

Well, what should she tell them?

The answers range from inspiring ("we are faced with a spectrum of historically important challenges"), to ominous ("we may lose the ability to pass LGBT civil rights legislation"), to, well, patronizing ("who cares about voting and elections and ballot initiatives and candidates when I can avoid anyone who disagrees with me").

Read them all and provide your answer.

There are many more questions and answers—about lots of measures and ballot measures—over in Electionland.