The brilliant, hilarious crew at the online dating site OkCupid crunched the numbers from surveys of their 3.2 million users—gay and straight—to figure out some good, hard statistics on homosexuals. You don't really need to read this blog post—they've done a fine job over here. But if you're still reading—what's wrong with you?—here's a few of the things they found:

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Gay people aren't searching for straight people:

* only 0.6% of gay men have ever searched for straight matches.
* only 0.1% of lesbians have ever searched for straight matches.
* only 0.13% of straight people's profile visitors are gay.

Furthermore: In our dataset, there was not a single gay user, male or female, who primarily searched for straight people.

Comparing gays to straights by gender is more interesting for women than men. Straight men are more into sports and more violent, and gay men are more artsy (shocking, right?). But women, well, the extremes are more entertaining:

  • OkCupid

A colorful map on which parts of the country are more gay curious after the jump.

The West Coast is gay curiouser than, say, Alabama:

  • OkCupid

As they say, "Awesomely, the mountain West lives up to its Brokeback reputation, and Canada is orange nearly coast-to-coast. Even in the yellow and blue areas, you can see pockets of gay curiosity in interesting places: Austin, Madison, Asheville. Anywhere soy milk is served, basically."

Read the whole thing.