MightyGodKing introduced me to a fascinating Teabagger blog post called "The Electric Tea Party Acid Test," in which the author claims that the Tea Party is the logical heir to the hippie peace movement. Here are a couple of gems:

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The truth is: Hippies didn’t particularly like Lyndon Johnson, the Democrats, or their ’60s-era “Great Society” big-government programs. Look at the poster on the right for a typical opinion, untouched by the revisionism of later historians.

Do any of these apply to you: Are you a Deadhead? Attracted to alternative spiritualities? Avoid chain stores? Love nature? Listen to ’60s music, reggae or jam bands? Smoke pot? Go to Burning Man? Wear ethnic clothing? Like world cultures? You may not be a full-on hippie, but you’ve been influenced by hippie culture. And because of that you may feel some allegiance to what you have always assumed is hippie politics: left-leaning and “progressive.” And that allegiance, perhaps unconsciously, has prevented you from embracing, or even truly acknowledging, the anti-authoritarian vim of the Tea Party. Tempting, isn’t it? And now you no longer have to resist temptation. Let it all in: your newfound awareness that the Tea Party is the embodiment of the hippie ethos after all.

You’re home at last.

And here is the best part of a graph showing different groups and their belief systems, with individualism on the left and collectivism on the right:


The one thing that I agree with the author on: I do believe that a large part of the Tea Party movement is in fact made up of Baby Boomers. But I don't believe they've had a sudden epiphany and joined the movement in the spirit of the Love Generation. I think they're the same greedy so-called "Reagan Democrats" who have been fucking everything up for decades now.