Posted yesterday afternoon and moved up.


Got a question about I-1098 (that's the initiative to slap an income tax on the wealthiest people in the state)? You can ask the campaigns directly in Electionland—and they'll answer. In fact, they'll be answering you all week.

For instance, Nicholas Krembs asks if an income tax for the rich would be a slippery slope to become an income tax on everyone? Absolutely not, say the advocates; you bet your sweet fanny it will, says the no campaign. Chime in.

This kick offs a three-week frenzy before the election that will include both sides of initiatives and candidate races. Once you submit a question, both sides will face off over the answer, and other folks can jump into challenge them, correct them, etc. You can vote for the best questions, the best answers, and then on your actual paper ballot.