Pilot Books has started a Kickstarter page. They're trying to raise $2,500 by November 11th in order to buy a fancy video camera. With that camera, they want to start a series called BAMWOOD, which will document all the authors who come and read at Pilot Books. This is a great idea; many authors who read at Pilot Books are just at the start of what will probably be long and fruitful careers, and so having video of early performances could be important.

The benefits for investors include drawings, t-shirts, and, for the low-low price of $1, this little gem:

One "telepoem" or "telefiction" episode of your choice. That means an author will dial your number, give personal thanks, and read you a poem or story over the phone.

I bet Pilot Books would let you buy that as a Christmas gift for someone special, too. Find more information here.