Elliott Bay Book Company is hosting two readings that will make Teabaggers shit blood in anger. First, at 6 pm, cartoonist/firebrand Ted Rall reads from his new book, The Anti-American Manifesto. And then, at 8 pm, Thaddeus Russell reads from his book, A Renegade History of the United States.

University Book Store is hosting three authors as part of The Novel: Live!, the celebration/book-writin' party going on at Hugo House all week long. Maria Dahvana Headley, Peter Mountford and Erik Larson will read. If you've not read Larson's Devil in the White City, you're missing a wonderful reading experience.

Ron Chernow reads at the Central Library tonight. Washington: A Life is a biography of George Washington. Chernow is a biographer of hugely important American lives. I read his book Titan, about John D. Rockefeller, Sr, and you may know him as the author of House of Morgan, too.

And there are two readings at Town Hall tonight. Jonathon Keats reads from Virtual Worlds, which is about how words are developing in this bold new internetty world. And Peter D. Ward is the author of The Flooded Earth: Our Future in a World Without Ice Caps. Prepare to be bummed out.