Reporting from Copiapo, Chile — The 14th man trapped for more than two months in a Chilean mine was pulled to safety Wednesday as the sounds of rejoicing filled the camp in the Chilean desert where hundreds of international media were holding vigil along with family members of 33 gold and copper miners entombed half a mile below ground.
All well and good. However, two months is not four months. Two months is not the epic, the incredible test of the human spirit that the experts had promised us. As humans, we can't help but admire such tests of the spirit because what else are we but the masters of endurance?

The human can endure like no other mammal. We are not the kings of speed; we are the kings of great distances. Give us enough space and we can outrun even a horse. Leave sprint races to the cheetahs; the human has its meaning, its species-being (its true gattungswesen—which is not consciousness) in the marathon. In international games, Jamaicans should not be as proud as East Africans. Humans are in fact clumsy sprinters and have a sweat system that's best suited for endurance. Because we are built to love the test of time, it's a bit disappointing that the miners are coming out so soon.