In Case You Missed It: A federal judge has ordered the military to immediately stop enforcing DADT (which is wonderful) and the Obama administration is appealing a ruling that strikes down the Defense of Marriage Act (which is crappy).

The Chilean Miners: Hoisted to freedom!

In Russia, Balloon Pops You: Russia's military turns to inflatable weapons.

The Roslyn Overdose Party: DEA joins investigation amid reports that party drinks were served in color-coded cups.

This Morning on (Seattle's) Capitol Hill: Starbucks installs a 16-foot sign that says Starbucks.

More Trouble for Eddie Long: Bishop sued for defaulting on property loan.

Sarah Palin: Rejected by the Tea Party, she remains open to a 2012 White House run.

Today in Taking from the Poor and Giving to the Rich: "State regulators fined Puget Sound Energy more than $100,000 Tuesday for mishandling accounts, including those of many low-income customers whose accounts had been disconnected for lack of payment," reports

Anti-Social Network: 7-year-old girl with fatal illness mocked by neighbors on Facebook.

Some Kids Never Feel Safe: Child calls 911 400 times.

And finally, please enjoy this Taiwanese CGI tribute to Christine O'Donnell, who famously told voters "I am not a witch" (which is exactly the kind of thing a witch would say).