This is your final reminder that tonight at the Black Box Theatre in Edmonds, I will be talking with Erik Ray, the chair of the History Department at Edmonds Community College, about the future of the book. The official title of the event is "The Book: The contemporary publishing industry and the impact the new media has on delivery and consumption of information and scholarship." Here's their description:

Topics discussed will include "the effect of the Kindle on publishing and literacy," modern trends and fads in publishing, the decline of physical bookstores, and generational gaps in literature studies. If you've ever wondered about what's going to happen to literature as e-books become more and more popular you should come to this event!

FREE and open to the public.

I'm really excited about this. It's an interesting time to be the editor of a book section of a newspaper. (Too bad there are only like five of us left!) And it's rare that you get a good chunk of time to sort of look at the big picture in one comprehensive swoop. I hope you'll join us.