Some of you will say "yawn... I'm so over the 'bedbugs infest [insert-improbable-place-here]' story."

Me, too. But then my superstitious side kicks in and I think "if I dismiss this story, I'll get bedbugs as cosmic retribution." And I really don't want to get bedbugs. I'm not proud of that superstitious side. But it exists. So: behold! I will post the latest "bedbugs infest [insert-improbable-place-here]" story.

They've infested the dressing rooms at Lincoln Center:

... bug-sniffing dogs apparently found the vermin in the carpets and costumes of the dressing rooms. "Please understand that this is an epidemic," Mr. Heiser writes in his email. "Any signs of bedbug activity should not be considered a sign of an untidy house."

As you were.