Here's a revelation: The Stranger Election Control Board doesn't reach a happy consensus on every race and initiative we endorse on the ballot. I know it seems like we just grab roosters with spurs and let them duke it out, but most of the time the process involves watching candidates and spokespeople sweat into our conference room carpet for an hour and then, once they leave, dissecting their arguments over lukewarm bottles of Vitamin Water Zero. Then we vote and I am overruled. Fun!

All of this is to say that I don't stand 100 percent behind our endorsement of I-1100, one of the two booze privatization initiatives on this year's ballot. An impatient part of me agrees that the system needs to change now, even though I don't love the specifics of either I-1100 or I-1105. But part of me believes that if neither passes, the legislature will make reasonable changes to the system next session (like piloting more contract stores around the state) if only to prevent a new wave of liquor privatization initiatives from hitting next year.

So I'm a well-informed, undecided voter on this issue, which is why I'm so excited for our Liquor Initiative Debate next Tuesday, October 19th, co-hosted by the Washington Bus (who are against both initiatives). We're going to have people from both the I-1100 and I-1105 campaigns arguing why their initiatives are the best way to get the state out of the liquor business, as well as the no-to-both people screaming, "fuck these initiatives—and here's why." Hopefully, after all the drinking and screaming and debating happens, I'll finally know where I stand. If you, like me, love drinking and nightlife but are totally confused on how to vote, you should come.