Here's a conversation that took place on Facebook earlier this week. Some high school students in Oklahoma and a few FB friends were talking about Wednesday's anti-gay bullying demonstrations in schools. It's revolting:


"Sorry, but it's a choice to be gay, so you have to put up with being bullied."

Where did these kids learn that a being gay is a choice? The same place they learned that gay people are going to hell: from the churches their parents dragged them to. These are the "bigoted little monsters" I wrote about in this column: the hateful offspring of conservative "Christians" who refuse to see that they bear responsibility for anti-gay bullying—and the deaths anti-gay bullying can lead to—because they never explicitly instructed their children to go and do violence to LGBT children.

I blurred out the names of the kids who posted these vile and hateful justifications for anti-gay violence—which are indistinguishable from the vile and hateful things that fall out of the vile and hateful mouths of Tony Perkins and Maggie "Blood On My Hands" Gallagher every time they go on TV. But this I'm not going to blur out: these kids attend El Reno High School in El Reno, Oklahoma. If this is what the jocks at El Reno believe—that LGBT kids at El Reno deserve to be bullied because they chose to be gay—then LGBT kids at El Reno High School are in danger.

I would like to know what steps the administration at El Reno High School plans to take to make sure that El Reno is a safe place for LGBT students.

UPDATE: Well, gee.

Apparently this is already on Reddit—un-redacted—which I wasn't aware of when I drafted this post. Not omniscient. Someone emailed this to me earlier this afternoon, said he got it from a friend (don't doubt him, glad he sent it along), and I searched "El Reno High School" on Google, and in blogs, looking to see if it was already out there, un-redacted. Didn't find it. So I redacted info, actual names, so as not to be accused of bullying these little shits.

Anyway, un-redacted version here.