But New Hampshire's biggest daily paper—The Union Leader—refuses to print same-sex wedding announcements because that's the "policy of the newspaper." It's a policy that could have serious repercussions for one couple in particular.

Granite countertops, rainbow cupcakes, wedding announcements—you would think there wasn't a recession on with the way some business owners are turning away certain kinds of customers. Here's hoping all the bigot-owned businesses go bankrupt, each and every one.

UPDATE: Never wake up, roll over, toss something up on Slog, and then walk away from the computer. "Serious repercussions" is a bit over-the-top. I'm afraid I adopted the slightly overly-dramatic tone of an overly-dramatic wedding planner. I was more interested in this being yet another example of a private business turning down paying customers in the midst of a recession. Anyway, score one for the trolls.