I've always had a thing for potty-mouthed Irish women, so I gotta confess to a kinda schoolboy crush on the BIAW's profanatory, trash-talking PR maven, Erin Shannon. (Really. So give me a call, Erin, and lets hook up sometime for a drink or five. Don't worry; I'll drive.)

But when it comes to her politics, Shannon is just plain awful. You know, in that batshit-crazy Hitler-was-the-first-environmentalist/DOE's-storm-water-regulations-are-worse-than-the-Holocaust sorta way that defines the ideological crack house that is the BIAW.

That said, in her unexpected guest-post today on Slog, Shannon does in fact make a cogent point. The SECB's "it's 'mindfuckingly stupid… for the state to hold a monopoly over one industry'" argument in favor of privatizing the sale of liquor in Washington State is strikingly similar to the BIAW's own self-serving, anti-public interest arguments in favor of privatizing workers' compensation and handing the profits and control over to the insurance industry.

See, Erin… you and I have something in common, more than just a predilection for using the word "fuck." So how about that drink?

Anyway, the point is, if you're gonna vote against I-1082, the BIAW's anti-worker, small-business-killing, AIG-backed political money-grab—and you should, because it is a vicious manifestation of the BIAW's coal-black soul—then you should also ignore the SECB, and vote No on I-1100 for many of the same reasons. Because the fact is, there are some things we're just better off leaving in the hands of government.

So thanks, Erin, for helping to make that point.