Say you're a gearhead who's just finished tricking out your sweet ride when the Zombie Apocalypse drops. Say you decide to zip out of town in that sweet ride instead of staying at home like The Man tells you to. Say you find yourself plowing through zombies, wrecked cars, spilled freight containers, and occasional freaked-out civilians until the sweet ride blows up. Not such a bad way to go, all things considered.

But probably not the most compelling game in the world, honestly—unless each time you die, you end up back at your garage with Road Points you can use to upgrade your sweet ride before you try again? That's how Road of the Dead works, and it keeps you driving and exploding long past the point you'd think it could. Once you start fighting the military trying to keep you in your place, you know you're in for a long ride. The art is vaguely reminiscent of some lost Adult Swim title and works well with the gameplay.

  • This could be you.

(How could it be that nobody is sick of zombie games yet? If only there was some kind of metaphor to describe a phenomenon that keeps coming back in wave after wave, mindless and hyper-aggressive.)

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner and Paul Hughes.