If you're launching an e-reader or magazine app, Craig Mod has some very important questions for you. He's even made a handy checklist:

* Am I reading text? If the text in your ereader isn’t text but is instead an image (.jpeg, .png, etc) then, by golly, your ereader's incompetent.

Everything else builds off of this.

* Does my ereader make the text less accessible to the visually impaired? If so, then sorry, my friend, your ereader is incompetent (and an asshole).
* Can you copy text? If you can’t, your ereader's incompetent.
* Can you resize text? No? Incompetent. (See accessibility)
* Are you a text-heavy publication such as The New Yorker? Is a single issue of your magazine gratuitously large (500mb+ per month)? Lazy incompetence.

There's more to the list here. It should be required reading for people who are trying to make readable content for tablets and e-readers.