The John & Summit Park opened earlier this month. Capitol Hill Seattle blog reports that a horde of angry NIMBYers are already whining to the city about noise and property damage by skateboarders. Property damage isn't cool, agreed. But noise? In the comments thread, one stick-in-the-mud says, "btw, it's 10:15 p.m and there are still skateboards in the park. This is when I usually go to bed but it's impossible to do so." You live in one of the best nightlife areas in a big city and you can't sleep...because of the skateboarders? How about you go eat Grant Wood's ass and get the fuck out of my city?

A 10-foot-tall inflatable cat was stolen from a Halloween display in Queen Anne, reports local blog the Queen Anne View. Which one of you naughty furries has this thing in your bedroom right now? You'd better give it back or else local holiday yard decorator extraordinaire Mike White will stop putting on his displays. Oh, and please wipe it down before you give it back.

Fed up from years of O RLY image macros, a deranged owl attacked a jogger near the University of Washington. The victim emailed Laurelhurst Blog with a gripping first-hand account of the attack: The owl attacked the jogger's head and the jogger fought him off before escaping relatively unscathed. Traveler alert: when walking on the UW campus, you're advised to travel with a Tootsie Pop in hand.