Get your ass over to Electionland immediately—Suzan DelBene is answering questions as we speak! No answers so far from Dave Reichert and his screaming brain. Yesterday his campaign folks said he would, but nothing yet.

DelBene's most interesting answer today comes in response to slgibbs's question, "A simple Yes or No—do you support H.R.3017 the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)?" DelBene replies, "I would support the Employee Non-Discrimination Act and will work to ensure equal rights for all Americans." Let's hope the homos can trust her word more than the friends of DADT running the government now.

I like the big philosophical question hanging at the top of the list. craig.chilton wants to know: "Do you believe in American exceptionalism?"

If you haven't posted a question yet, you've still got time to head over to Electionland. How often do you get the chance to ask mainstream political candidates for federal office questions from behind the wall of online anonymity? It's every passive-aggressive Seattleite's dream come true.