I was going to dress as a spider for Halloween. I know Dominic and Lindy both have a hysterical, unfounded aversion to spiders, but I like them. We have a lot in common—our preference for dark corners, preying on the weak, and drinking alone. Our hairy legs and large, fertile egg sacs. I could go on forever!

Anyway, I was going to be a spider until I saw this ad for Trick or Vote, a political canvassing effort held Halloween night involving hundreds of young people doorbelling in costume alongside kids. It's organized by the Washington Bus. Costumed participants hand out literature on voting, get candy, and remind people to vote days before the November election.

Now I want to be a witch for Halloween.

Trick-or-Voters are meeting at Washington Hall (154 14th Ave) at 3:00 p.m. to canvass their guts out, then returning to Washington Hall for a costume party with booze, candy, and dancing. Trick-or-Vote events are also happening in Vancouver and Spokane. Dress warm. Get candy. Remind people to vote.