In Case You Missed It: President Obama joins the It Gets Better Project!

The Bullying Crisis Continues: "The Bethel School District is investigating the death of a 16-year-old who committed suicide in Graham, WA. Friends from Graham-Kapowsin High School told KING-TV he was pushed over the edge by bullying. Police say the boy shot himself Tuesday at home."

Holy Shit: Haiti cholera outbreak kills 138 in two days.

Local Heroics: Citizens save a young girl and a man inside a burning car in Ballard.

Today in the Collision of Local Sports and Comedy Central Cartoons: Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck discusses his surprise cameo on South Park.

"Ya, I Shouldn't Have Called Them Sand Niggers..": Burien woman charged with hate crime against Muslims.

Fired/Re-Hired: NPR journalist fired for insensitive remarks about Muslims offered $2 million contract by FOX News.

I Support This: Ferris wheel proposed for Seattle's Pier 57.

I Also Support This: Mel Gibson cameo in Hangover 2 canned after outcry from cast and crew.

Mother's Furry Little Helper: Nonprofit allows parents to rent drug-sniffing dogs.

And finally, yet another blast of Taiwanese CGI, this time detailing the U.S. bed bug crisis. Enjoy.