Over at Narco News, Al Giordano has a sharp analysis—plus a little wild extrapolation, but the man's entitled to his imagination—of what's at stake in California's upcoming Prop 19 vote.

The answer, it turns out, is a lot.

... some Democratic party candidates in California — we’re lookin’ at you Senator Barbara Boxer — are going to win or lose based on whether Proposition 19 pulls enough infrequent voters to the polls. And this is paradoxical because Boxer is among the many Democrats who have voiced opposition to Prop 19, and the lessons that come out of November 2 will ring her bell and go all the way up to the White House and into the 2012 election cycle.

The White House and Gil Kerlikowske are also opposed to legalization—though the first-time Obama voters who swept the Democrats into power (young, cell phone-having, many of them African-American and Hispanic) overwhelmingly support Prop 19. So why are Boxer and Obama (via Gil), and Jerry "Governor Moonbeam" Brown stumping against legalization? And what how will that change their lives in 2012?