I don't think the folks at Slog intended me to use my posting privileges here to blog-whore my posts at HA, but there's a bullshit story making its way through the national media about how illegal immigrants are supposedly attempting to steal the election for Washington state Democrats, and since nobody else in our local media seems willing to debunk it, I guess that responsibility will just have to fall to me.

Essentially, an AP reporter interviewed four immigrant volunteers out of the 150 working on Seattle-based OneAmerica Votes' outreach campaign, and one of them admitted to being undocumented. So of course, that became the headline and the lede... one which the Seattle Times credulously reprinted, unchallenged.

“It’s a shame,” [OneAmerica Votes director Pramila] Jayapal lamented. “The way that this whole story has been spun is scary.”

And ironic, especially considering that at the same time the FOX News crowd frets over a 13-year, tax-paying undocumented resident urging her fellow immigrants to exercise a precious right she doesn’t have, our media has for the most part shrugged off as politics as usual the tens of millions of dollars of out of state money pouring in to influence our local elections, many of the contributors undisclosed, and some of them even foreign.

Anyway, read the whole damn thing. And then send the Seattle Times an email asking them why they are perpetuating such crap instead of debunking it?