Amazon's Great Day: Their stock closed at an all-time high of $169.13 on Friday—certainly fueled by the third quarter sales numbers we heard about yesterday. It's good to be Jeff Bezos.

Zombies Are So Funny: 900 people on the UW campus are playing Humans vs. Zombies tag. Hey guys, let's talk about zombies and ninjas. Fuck, we are sooooo edgy!!

Mudede Bait: After deliberating for 3.5 days, jurors convicted Michiel Oakes of first-degree murder in the death of dog trainer-to-the-stars T. Mark Stover. Oakes faces 20 to 26 years in jail.

Debate Dodger Shows Up: 2nd District Democratic Rep. Rick Larsen and his GOP opponent John Koster met for a "campaign meeting" in Marysville. Koster was only one day removed from wussing out on a live television debate over allegations of bias against one of the panelists.

Fact-Checking DelBene: A recent ad claiming Dave Reichert voted to raise taxes turns out to be a bit misleading. Still, I don't expect Slog will have any sympathy for Reichert since he cast his fateful no vote based on funding offsets to be created by "more than doubling the tax rate on compensation collected by hedge-fund managers, private-equity firms and other investment partnerships."

Making Tolls Less Annoying: WSDOT prepares to roll out new stickers and transponders as part of its Good to Go! pass program. The tolling scheme will debut on the 520 bridge in April 2011.

Cholera Hits Haiti: The deadly illness is hitting that sad country for the first time in a century. There's already 196 people dead and more than 2,600 in hospitals.

Diabetes Expected to Triple by 2050: One in three American adults are likely to have diabetes by that year. It's bad enough at one in ten right now. Put down the soda, guys!

Florida's Gay Adoption Ban Dies: Did you know Florida was the last remaining state to ban gay adoptions?

WikiLeaks Releases Iraq Documents: The group released more than 400,000 classified documents on the Iraq war this Friday. Included are all manner of nasty things about torture and civilian deaths. The Pentagon is, of course, calling it a "tragedy."