Here's KING 5 News on the expected storm:

KING 5 Chief Meteorolgist Jeff Renner says the peak rainfall will come overnight Saturday with increasing showers late Sunday and a chance of thundershowers Sunday night.

Inland, one of the main concerns is urban flooding. The leaves have started falling and they're clogging up storm drains. Residents across the region are being asked to step up and clean out nearby drains before the storm hits.

If you lose power, it's important to remember not to run a barbecue or portable generator indoors. It can produce carbon monoxide—a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly within minutes.

And if you're outside, don't touch any downed power lines. They may still be live and could kill you instantly.

(Also, even if you don't lose power but are just hungry for indoor barbecue, don't do it.)