Seattle's Commercial Real Estate Troubles: Goldman Sachs used mainly borrowed money to buy 11 local properties in 2007 for $930 million. Their value is now estimated at just $342 million. All hell is probably going to break loose when the principal comes due on their $900 million loan in 18 months and they likely default.

Capitol Hill Block Party returns this summer on July 22nd thru 24th!
Featuring Charli XCX, Diplo, and more! Full line-up and tickets at

Sounders FC are MLS Gold Standard: Their league-best attendance is more than twice the average and they more than double the second-place team in merchandising. They were one of only two teams to turn a profit last year. And things figure to improve next season with the addition of regional rivals in Portland and Vancouver. Too bad they lost in Houston yesterday.

How 1098 Was Born: Contrary to popular belief, it did not emerge because the devil smeared lamb's blood on an altar of charred constitutions. The wonks behind it, discussing the issue since 2004, didn't trust the legislature to do anything and began to gear up in 2008.

Passionate for Pingpong: Today is the third annual Seattle Table Tennis Championship. Highlights include an exhibition between an 11-year-old girl and and 88-year-old man. And no, his name is not Bobby Riggs—dead since 1995.

Electric-Car Charging Debuts in Woodinville: The Wooden Cross Lutheran Church is hosting "the first publicly accessible, federally funded, 240-volt electric-car charging station in the Puget Sound area." It's free for now.

Understanding Prop 1: You probably already understood it thanks to our endorsements, but this article has some fun stats like the fact that one in ten full-time King County employees earns more than $100,000.

Albino Body Part Harvesting: The dismembered remains of a nine-year-old albino boy from Burundi were found in a river. A Tanzanian gang apparently stole his body parts for sale to a witch doctor.

Juarez Gets Bloodier: 14 people are murdered at a house party in El Paso's southern neighbor. The youngest victim was 14. Maybe we can finally end the war on drugs.

Katy Perry, Russell Brand Get Married: Nothing says authenticity like two people with no connection to or discernible interest in India getting married there in a traditional Hindu ceremony.

Cautiously Optimistic: The two American hikers jailed in Iran will go on trial next month. The WikiLeaks Iraq documents sure make it sound like they were on the Iraqi side of the border and did nothing wrong.