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The 8th District race got more fun on Friday with Suzan DelBene's appearance in Electionland. Predictably, Congressman Dave Reichert did not show. One of the toughest questions DelBene answered came from Medina: "What reasons should a voter hire one with no experience in government affairs, drafting legislation, or political experience for U.S. Congress?"

In her answer, DelBene managed to attack Reichert almost from the right, by pointing our her experience in business versus his career in government. The last part of her answer was the best: "I've spent 20 years in the business world. Growing businesses and balancing budgets aren't theoretical exercises to me. I know firsthand how businesses succeed and what Congress can and should do to help our economy grow."

DelBene will be popping into Electionland again this week to answer more questions.

If you're not in the 8th District or don't care about it, there's other stuff for you, too. Those pesky initiatives are going to be getting boffo coverage all week long from independent experts and campaign representatives. Electionland visitor sisluvbean asking right now, "How will 1098 affect registered domestic partners in Washington?"

Then there's those most fundamental concerns of all, filling out and returning your ballot. Barak has asked, "Why do we have to put a stamp on the ballot?" Already four people have responded to that important question!

We're just over a week away from election day. You can get informed without even leaving your home—or putting on clothes! Get your ass to Electionland now!