Over the weekend, the usual nerd sites lit up with the rumor that the upcoming 3D Star Wars rereleases are going to fund brand-new Star Wars sequels that have nothing to do with the Skywalkers. The films reportedly could be up to a thousand years after the original films. Lucasfilms denies the rumors.

Also over the weekend: SyFy announced that they're going to launch yet another Battlestar Galactica prequel set during the original Cylon war titled Blood and Chrome. This one is going to follow the adventures of young William Adama. It'll start as a movie and then presumably become a series.

I could go on at length about how I think prequels are dumb, but io9 did a very good job of explaining the problem with prequels back in 2008. There's nothing I can add to their argument. And as to the Star Wars sequels: Does it really matter? If George Lucas does them, they're going to suck and make a billion dollars. Who cares?