What's Wednesday? Oh, it's only Hilarious Sexy Sex Trivia with Lindy 'n' Bryan!

Capitol Hill Block Party returns this summer on July 22nd thru 24th!
Featuring Charli XCX, Diplo, and more! Full line-up and tickets at

Here's all you have to do:

1. Gather a team of humans. Literally anyone will do.

2. Come to the Del Rey (2332 1st Ave) by 9 pm on Wednesday, October 27.

3. Alcohol, nachos, nachos, alcohol, nachos, nachos, alcohol.

4. Answer questions.

5. Win stuff! Our sponsors include Babeland (vibrators!), Crown Black Car (free rides!), yer mom (ditto!), The Stranger (TBD!), and more.

After the jump, a NSFW example of the type of fun (CELEBRITY PENISES) we will be having this Wednesday and every Wednesday. I worked very hard on this piece of artwork. Plz enjoy it.


Match the celebrity penis photo with the penis-having celebrity. (Click to enlarge. [HEYO!])

These aint your granddaddys penises. (Theyre famous!)
  • These ain't your granddaddy's penises. (They're famous!)

Your choices are:

a. Harvey Keitel
b. Jason Mewes
c. Brad Pitt
d. Ewan MacGregor
e. Jude Law
f. Daniel Radcliffe
g. Simon Rex
h. Viggo Mortensen
i. Jason Segel

Put your answers in the comments. Correct answers will win...the satisfaction of a job well done (priceless!). Incorrect answerers will be forever shunned. See you Wednesday! Unless you are shunned!