Daniel Carillo is the Seattle photographer who makes portraits of artists using an antique technique that "makes you look like your own ancestor," says our own Bethany Jean Clement. So many local artists have passed through his studio that it's becoming a rite of passage—and he's developing a local catalog of creators. When a major artist stopped by unexpectedly, he flew into action.

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Kiki Smith and Greg Kucera came by the frameshop. Greg showed her some of my work and she agreed to sit for a quick portrait. I had no warning but I was able to take two shots. I kept this one and Kiki took the other plate back to New York. The original plate size was 11 x 14 but I didn't have enough silver nitrate in the tank to soak the whole plate. the final size of the glass plate is 10 x 12 and this is 95% of the image.

[shot with window light and the monstar3 with the wolly vitax at f3.8 for 4 seconds]

Check out more of Carillo's wet plate collodion portraits on his Flickr page.

Check out this great essay about older women saying fuck-you to the tradition that they have to cut their hair for the sake of "appropriateness."

And heeeeere's Kiki.