In 2009, I put Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt on the Genius Awards shortlist for film because I think they do some of the most consistently funny work in the Seattle comedy scene. At the time, I wrote:

Dude, fuck the highbrow. Local comics and Scarecrow Video employees (which means they know more about movies than you) Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt have been bringing some of the best of Seattle's little-comedy-scene-that-could. The duo makes dirty, dirtbaggy, DIY video sketches about murder and ninjas and cancer and wiener fights. What makes it all work—it's more than just dicks 'n' farts—is their fearless weirdness and humble self-referentiality. Their feature-length science-fiction movie, Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 A.D., shot on a Viewfinder or something for negative eleventy fafillion dollars, is fucking ridiculous and actually funny. Do more, dudes! Do more!

Well, they did! They did more. They're currently halfway through their six-part action/spy/comedy/gore/Vietnam mini-series Adventure Buddies, which Travis calls "the best thing we've ever done." I'm going out to Ballard tonight for the screening of episode 3. You should too. In addition to the film screening, there'll be live comedy (by the likes of Sir Solomon Georgio), antics, shenanigans, and booze. Do it.

Tonight, 9 pm, Sunset Tavern, 5433 Ballard Ave NW.

Here's Episode 2, starring Emmett Montgomery in the role he was born to play: a guy wearing a necklace of human ears. (He brought it from home.)