The story:

An Arlington Family is planning a funeral for their newborn baby after a pitbull attack.

Three day old Justin Valentin was attacked by the families pitbull. He died from injuries around 10pm Sunday night off of Dixon Road and University Boulevard.

Despite being rushed to Shands Hospital, the baby boy did not survive.

The family decided to punish the pitbull for being a pitbull—it was put down by animal control. But here is my problem: The dead baby deserves more justice than that. Its own family robbed it of a whole life! This not a matter for the family, it's a matter for the state. The state failed to protect one of its citizens. This is the truth at the bottom of this tragedy—a failure of the state, which, when functioning properly (or ideally), must always be above the whims of the family (we want to own a violent dog) and the individual (I want my little baby to play with a violent doggy). If the state was in its proper place, we would see in the death of that baby a crime against society.